Calendar Blag

This in an email just in from one of our BINGO partners:

“[BINGO Country Office] is making our annual fundraising calendar and this year’s theme is [our sub-sector]. On one of the months we would like to feature a photo from our joint project…”

My reply:

“Photos can be downloaded from … What proportion of the proceeds from calendar sales can [our NGO] expect to receive?”

Their response:

“As you may be aware [BINGO Country Office]  has been going through economic difficulties. In fact we were insolvent for a  couple of months. It is vital that we balance our accounts. So I am afraid there is nothing in it for [our NGO and other local partners].”

What I want to know is; since when was your insolvency our problem? (The BINGO concerned is not a critical donor for us, indeed the hassles on the small grants they’ve given us make them barely worth the effort.) Once again a BINGO publicity machine will suck up all the credit for a project on which they can only claim peripheral responsibility.


One response to this post.

  1. Ha this is so typical! I’m really loving your blog by the way. Keep it up please!


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