Africa and Daily Telegraph readers

DT sidebarDid anyone who followed the link on my last post spot the sidebar on that article? ‘News’ apparently associated with a story about grand corruption in Equatorial Guinea are dancing lemurs, the “lion whisperer”, Clooney on Sudan, and a photo entitled “Night of the Lion”. I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that this is not a sidebar receiving editorial attention, but something more akin to Amazon’s personal recommendations. In which case this sidebar is highlighting the pages most visited by those who read this story, probably controlled for what everyone else is reading (hence no Libyan stories). In fact I almost hope it is an editorial controlled sidebar, since editorial decisions can be changed, but if it’s an automated thing, then it’s the sort of market-related information which may lead future editorial direction.

Ho hum! Anyone wanting a little bit more balance and nuance should check out


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