Control of IMF hypocrisy

I think enough other people – better informed than me – have already chipped in on the IMF Managing Directorship after DSK’s testosterone-fuelled self-defenestration. All I will say is this: from here it appears that European insistence that one of their own should once again take the helm is utterly misguided and the worst form of neo-colonialism. If a European is the best candidate for the job then so be it – although I would not discount the powerful messages of  hope and equality that an appointment from outside the usual suspects would bring – but overt political lobbying based on perceived self-interest stinks. Moreover the suggestion that because the biggest issues the IMF now faces are in Europe therefore the next MD should be a European is rank hypocrisy: European donors to developing countries would never accept such a situation here: “You don’t make a pupil the headmaster!”


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