Break time

I am flattered. Despite not posting for almost a month my blog is still getting plenty of visits each day. My silence has not been intentional; just a result of work overload. Now I’m looking forward to a few days holiday over the festive season. But I have some ideas for blog posts dying to see the light of day and I’ll be back blogging in the new year. I also hope that I might have the chance to blog on some of the ideas that you, my readers, have requested I opine on.

2011 has brought us a significant reduction in the global tally of the biggest baddies, all the more pleasing for how unexpected the whole Arab Spring was. Elsewhere the recent aid and climate change global confabs in Busan and Durban have shown a new pragmatism in international diplomacy. If we treat the likes of India and China as the global powers they are, then they may be persuaded to assume their responsibilities as such? If Western ideals have taken something of a hit in the process, then we should perhaps be proud of ourselves for a moment; for surely there can be no better demonstration of real development than that our ‘charges’ now have a mind of their own, and can argue their case with as much moral and intellectual clarity as the old imperial powers.

Who knows what 2012 will bring us? The ugly side of conservation and development will no doubt need some further exposition, and I shall endeavour to bring you a view from the coal face. For now I wish you all good seasonal cheer and bottom up thinking of a different kind! I’m off to develop my own waistline …


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