Ton up, tone down?

Dear readers,

This blog post is my 200th; in cricketing terms I have brought up my double ton. I thought I would take this opportunity to ask you: how’s it going? Not in the generic greeting sense of the question, but what do you think of this blog? What is the experience like as a reader rather than a writer?

My average post now gets read by around 200 people (a lot more sometimes, especially if the Blattman links to me). That readership declined a bit since I was more or less offline for 2-3 months earlier this year, but I am keen to rebuild and to keep the readers I already have. So please tell me what you like about the blog and what you do not like.

In particular I am interested to know what you think of the tone. I like to read the odd rant or snark myself, so long as it is well written and not too tiresome, so sometimes I deliberately dial it up a bit. I also like to use jocular idioms and the like to distinguish what I write here from the drier stuff I churn out in my day job. I am unlikely to cut that out entirely since if I do not enjoy writing the blog then I’ll just stop. Also sometimes humour seems the only way of responding to some depressing news. But I am aware that some people may treat what I write less seriously as a result, and that’s fair enough. Do you think I should tone it down a bit, carry on in the same somewhat varied tone, or (even) dial it up more?

Other feedback is also most appreciated. Just beware that it can be hard for me to respond to specific requests for posts. I am happy to spout my two cents on any subject related to this blog’s theme (I try to stay on topic), but I need an ‘in’ to inspire me to write something. So apologies to the few of you who have written in with such requests which have then gone ignored.

All comments gratefully received.

yours, MJ (blog age 2 and a bit)

4 responses to this post.

  1. Have been enjoying the recent posts MJ. I would say to just stay the course. Naturally I am one to want the bloggers I like to write more. So that is really my only recommendation. However, I realize that you are likely quite short on the time to write.

    Congrats and keep it up.



  2. Posted by David on August 31, 2012 at 11:28 am

    I read the blog regularly, and like the relative focus thematically, as well as the tone. Nice vinegar to cut through the oil of heavier ones like Owen Barder, and narrower focus than some of the Blattman/Green catch-alls. Keep it up!


  3. Thanks for your thoughts, guys. More of the same it is then!


  4. Congrats, you are doing just fine. I wish I could write as well and often as you.


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