The joy and terror of total dysfunctionality

You have to marvel at the chutzpah of some government officials around here. Each day they commute into work only to spend most of their day seemingly reading the newspaper or out to lunch. Not such a bad gig if you can get it, even if the pay isn’t great! You can always top it up by demanding ‘express service fees’ to stamp the forms you’re supposed to stamp any way.

Except that presumably there must be a terrible nagging fear that, like a criminal trying to cover up his misdeeds, you will be eventually found out. Pity, then, the staff of the Ugandan National Seed Certification Service whom a World Bank evaluation adjudged to have a few shortcomings:

“The reality is that NSCS staff know that if the institution was granted autonomy, they would all be sacked.”

Ouch! But they need not worry too much, for, from my experience, should the donors ever prevail in persuading the Ugandan government to accept the prescription that the NSCS should be transformed into an independent body, the donors would feel morally obliged to support the newly autonomous parastatal by giving it a whole load a of (paid for) work even though they know its staff have not the necessary wherewithal.

Hat tip: to the marvellous new (and not the least bit boring!) Campaign for Boring Development. I just wish he would post a little less often, as I struggle to keep up.


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  1. Do they care or have any fellow feeling for the citizens as a whole. The big man was a small man at some time in his career. Presumably he came from a rural area or at least had good knowledge of a rural area – as most have rural homes even if they have lived in cities for a long time. He knew about the suffering. Where is the caring link broken or was it ever there at all. Is the culture of the extended family, tribe destructive of nation building and prosperity. When someone from the family, village or tribe come into the office does he sit up and move. Will a whole development fail wholly or partially for these suggested reasons. Can’t be true of everyone of course.

    Thoughts please in 3000 words.

    Thanks for that link to that boring blog. I didn’t fall asleep reading it. Sort of woke me up actually


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