Here is a non-exhaustive list of other blogs I read. I’m sorry I don’t update it very often.

Conservation / Environmental

Mainstream Development

Africa (and other poor countries)

Why isn’t my blog listed above and how can I get it listed there?

Some blogs I don’t link to because they might give away my identity. Those of you in that position know who you are, and I thank your indulgence.

If you don’t fit into that category, then there’s just a good chance that I haven’t got around to adding you yet – I update this blogroll quite rarely (about once a year) – so don’t take it personally. Also bear in mind that I am not a professional blogger which also means I have limited time to follow other peoples’ blogs, and so I have to be quite selective.

If for some reason you think me listing you is going to drive lots of extra traffic to your blog (in which case you are drastically overestimating the size of my actual readership), then the best way to get my attention is to leave a comment on one or more of my blog posts. I usually follow links back to commenters’ own sites and if I like what you have to say I will follow your blog. Then, maybe, around a year later I may add you to the list above. However, due to other commitments (like a full time job) please be aware I have limited time to follow all my dear readers’ own musings. But then again, most of the above-listed bloggers don’t follow me: life sucks!

Finally, though, I’d love to hear from anyone else doing a personal (not institutional) blog in the conservation-development arena. Right now I’m feeling a bit lonely …


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