Why Anonymous?

The blogosphere is unfortunately filled with too many anonymous blogs; real personalities are more interesting and exciting. But I fear that if I were to write under my own name about what I see and what I have to deal with, I would not only kill my own career, but also do immeasurable harm to the projects on which I work, and about which I care passionately. Hence the anonymous approach. The countries and regions in which I work shall thus remain anonymous, and other names and details may be changed. I do hope that this does not detract overmuch from the readability or interest of the blog. I promise to change no details that are essential to understanding a story, though as a result some stories I will not be able to tell at all.

If you think you know who I am, good for you, but please do not publicise this fact. I reserve the right to delete or edit any reply posts made on this blog which might compromise my anonymity.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I once blogged anonymously for similar reasons (and not on the current blog, another one). I avoided issues directly related to my work (and I still do) and only used or commented on material in the public domain (still do…). Good to have some sort of framework

    Good luck with it.


  2. point: if writing openly on a niche subject and on what is still a niche platform will damage the projects that you are working on, then surely they are operating in a highly hostile environment and certainly will be damaged due to other factors, not necessarily due to anything that you may or may not do and whether or not you are there.

    Also, there are degrees of anonymity that may allow you to develop a supportive network and bring people out to engage with you. Are you sure that the full cloak and dagger is the most appropriate degree? It discourages engagement.


  3. I agree on degrees of anonymity. The environment I work in is not unremittingly hostile, and we do have our support network. But we also know the cost of the frank comment given in what is assumed to be a confidential meeting being subsequently leaked. Deniability is key. I know for sure some readers of this blog do know my true identity. But as long as no trouble-making politician or s**t-stirrer can indubitably link my musings on here with me as a person and the projects on which I work then all should be well. Or at least so I hope!


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